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September 13, 2016

Added 23 new screenshots for Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. [Deezer]

September 9, 2016

Added 10 new Super Mario Run (iOS) screenshots. [Deezer]

September 7, 2016

Super Mario Run announced for iOS [Deezer]

September 1, 2016

Mario news round-up from today's Nintendo 3DS Direct [Deezer]

August 26, 2016

Waluigi Song on Ukulele [David]

August 8, 2016

Added over 50 Super Mario 64 sound clips. A few older clips were remade to improve the sound quality. [Deezer]

July 20, 2016

Game credits for Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge (Wii U) were added to the database. [Deezer]

July 15, 2016

July 2016 - the 35th Anniversary of the Mario series! [David]

July 14, 2016

Party Like It's 1985: NES Classic Edition This Fall, with Most NES Mario Titles [David]

June 20, 2016

Added 10 new Paper Mario: Color Splash screenshots and 10 new Mario Party Star Rush screenshots. [Deezer]

June 19, 2016

Mario news from E3 2016 [Deezer]

June 10, 2016

Gamer Uses DDR Dance Pad to Beat Super Mario 3D World's Champion's Road [David]
Director of the Super Mario Bros. Film Remarks on Troubled Production [David]

May 22, 2016

Added two new Yoshi's Woolly World guitar tabs. [Deezer]

April 25, 2016

Added 8 new Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge (3DS) screenshots and 15 new Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge (Wii U) screenshots. [Deezer]

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