Beverage Holders

Holographic "Nintendo Cereal System" mug
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The cup sported 3 holographic images on it.USA
SMB2 glassTake a sip of some cold refreshing orange juice in this SMB2 glass.USA
SMB2 mugFill this mug up and enjoy.USA
SMB Children's MugLuigi, you're looking very Mario today.USA
SMB Dixie cup holderNow all this needs is Mario Dixie cups!DixieUSA
SMB Dixie cupsNow all you need is a Dixie Cup Holder!DixieUSA
SMW2 color-changing cup
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A cute little cup for your cute little one.USA
Super Mario Bros. Puppet KoolerMario's face is 3D and sticks out of the container.USA


Game Boy Advance candy5 different Gummy characters ( Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Link, Diddy Kong )Au'some Candies, Inc.USA
Mario Bombs powder candyThese candies are "Da Bomb"!Au'some Candies, Inc.USA
Mario Bubble GumDifferent artwork from different Nintendo games.Au'some Candies, Inc.USA
Musical Nintendo GameCubeIf only real GameCube's played tunes whenever you turned them on.Au'some Candies, Inc.USA
New Super Mario Bros Seal
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Contained inside these cases are 20 pieces of sweet and sour candy, one shiny metallic sticker and two standard stickers.Tomy-TakaraJapan
New Super Mario Bros. Candy w/ Collector's Pin
 - back package
According to purchasers, the candy isn't very good.SugarudoJapan2006
Nintendo 3D Gummy CandyThis pack features Diddy Kong, Yoshi, Mario, and Donkey Kong.Au'some Candies, Inc.USA
Nintendo Game Disk ContainersCan be used to store GCN gamesAu'some Candies, Inc.USA
Nintendo Jelly PopsThese were once sold at GameStop.Au'some Candies, Inc.USA
Nintendo Klik Mario & Donkey KongCandy is always sweet coming from Mario or Donkey Kong.Au'some Candies, Inc.USA
Nintendo Ladder Game CandyMario and a couple of his friends and enemies are represented on the candy blocks.Au'some Candies, Inc.USA
Nintendo Magic PopsThe characters featured are Diddy Kong, Link, Peach, Mario, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi.Au'some Candies, Inc.USA
Nintendo Marshmallow Jelly PopsThese are ridiculously sweet.Au'some Candies, Inc.USA
Nintendo mini-PEZA min-version of the PEZ dispenser.PEZUSA
Nintendo PEZThere is a PEZ for every license out there it seems.PEZUSA
Nintendo Power Pop CandyThese were never registered for mass production.Au'some Candies, Inc.USA
Nintendo Sweet Spin Yo-Yo CandyYou can use the Yo-Yo when you're done with the candy.Au'some Candies, Inc.USA
Nintendo Tattoos w/ Bubble GumEach pack contains 1 sheet of 14 tattoos and 1 stick of bubble gumUSA1989
SM64 Mario CandyThis candy is from Italy.Italy
Topps Super Mario & Link Figure Bubble Gum DispensersThe package contains 24 blue, green, red, yellow Mario and Link hard figure dispensers.USA1989


Mario & Yoshi sodaCoke sure missed out by not making Mario themed cans..ShastaUSA
Peach & Luigi sodaTo compliment Mario & Yoshi, here's Luigi and Peach!ShastaUSA
SMB Mario Lemonade SodaGet refreshed with some healthy lemonade.USA
Super Mario Bros Power Up! Energy DrinkThe closet thing to a Power Mushroom in the real world.USA


SMB Mario Cookie CutterCut Mario shaped cookies with these cookie cutters.USA
Yoshi cake figurine
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Purchased at a Japanese import storeJapan


Nintendo munchiesThe entire series includes Nintendo Cereal System, Mario Bros. Candy Bars, Real Fruit Snacks, All Natural Juices, ice Cream SandwichesUSA

Food Holders

SMB Mario Cookie JarMario promises he won't eat any of your cookies.USA
United Kingdom "Egg" SMB 2 MugThis is interesting.UK


SMB honey cookiesSnack on this between Super Mario World sessions.SunshineUSA